• There are worries that the Brexit vote has put the continued participation of the UK in the Erasmus programme under threat from next year. Some of the young people who hve benefitted were from Shetland and others were visitors to Shetland.

  • The House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee has published a report into the renewable energy sector in Scotland. The report warns that the sector could now be undermined by changes to UK government policy.

  • This is the last week of National Scams Awareness month, however everyone should continue to be aware of scams, which will continue to appear. The Shetland Islands Council has been promoting National Scams Awareness Month in recent weeks.

  • The coastguard in Shetland investigated a request for help heard on marine radios in the north of Shetland. And an object that drifted ashore at West Voe at Sumburgh has been checked by the Sumburgh coastguard rescue team.

  • White fish landings today were above average with 7 boats, all local, landing about 1750 boxes. Pelagic fish: The Peterhead Quantas has arrived to land herring for Shetland Catch.

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