• The Scottish government rural affairs secretary Mairi Gougeon has announced funding of 1 point 8 million pounds for marketing to help Scottish seafood businesses recover from the severe economic impacts of Brexit and Covid-19.

  • A new study has found the amount of plastic accumulation in foods may be underestimated. There is also concern microplastics commonly found in coastal waters potentially carry harmful bacteria such as E coli, and that that will move up the food chain.

  • This comes as the 45 metre three-masted sail training ship Pelican of London is in Shetland waters as part of a thirteen-week research cruise organised by the charity City to Sea and the environmental research group Darwin200 to survey the plastic pollution of UK coastal waters.

  • The telecommunications regulator Ofcom has published proposals to change the way it licenses satellite broadband networks, something that will improve connectivity in remote. rural and islands areas.

  • The freight vessel Arrow, regularly chartered as a stand-in for the virtually identical NorthLink freight vessels Hildasay and Helliar, and chartered from last Monday to stand-in on Calmac’s Stornoway route, has already been withdrawn from service. This was after the Arrow caught a rope in a propellor on Friday. Divers removed the obstruction, but an oil leak developed which required dry-docking in Belfast.

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