• With Grant Cumming, the managing director Grieg Seafood, quoted as saying that their operations in Shetland would really struggle without European Union workers, relying as they do on European Union nationals for 20 per cent of the workforce, the Migration Advisory Committee has advised that European Union workers should not be given preference for visas after Brexit.

  • NHS Shetland, or more specifically the Gilbert Bain Hospital, is still maintaining good figures for A&E waiting times.

  • The Unite union has welcomed the decision by Shell to move to two weeks offshore and three weeks onshore on its platforms. This will have implications on the dispute with Total over the manning of the Alwyn and Dunbar platforms east of Unst and the Elgin platform east of Aberdeen, where negotiations have broken down over a move to three-week on-and-off equal-time rotas.

  • There is still a yellow weather warning for Shetland for tomorrow (Wednesday), although forecaster-to-forecaster the predictions continue to be variable.

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