• Representatives from the Big Lottery Fund will be in Shetland early next month to offer advice to groups and organisations on new and existing funding programmes.

  • The micro-surfacing of the streets of Lerwick is taking a five day respite before being resumed next Wednesday.

  • As the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s sport spokesperson, Tavish Scott has called for a Scottish national celebration of the achievements of the Scottish athletes who competed at Rio.

  • It has been reported that a support service has been doing good work throughout Shetland to offer emotional and practical support to people with sight loss.

  • The 58 year old, 28 metre, tug Nortug, which arrived back in Lerwick harbour earlier this month from Hirtshalls in Denmark towing two salmon feed barges built in Poland, is finally on its way to Iceland with the first barge following repairs.

  • White fish landings today were above average with 8 boats, all local, landing about 1800 boxes. The total of the landings so far this week is about 9300 boxes, an above average week.

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