• The explosive ordnance disposal team from Faslane is on the way and should be in Shetland tomorrow. This was after an old pineapple type grenade was found on the west shore of Breiwick, near Brettaboor, which is beside the Sea Road, near the junction to Bankfield and Westhall.

  • The local Young Enterprise Company Fancie Tins is going forward to represent Shetland in the Scottish final in June. Fancie Tins won the local company programme competition at the annual Young Enterprise Scotland Shetland Area final yesterday evening.

  • The SNP in Orkney and Shetland has still to select and to announce a candidate for the general election in June, but it has already said that it once again will be fighting this election on positive policies. The Orkney and Shetland branch claimed that those were policies that mattered to the people of Scotland and the people of Orkney and Shetland.

  • Mind Your Head has given details of this year’s Fun Run and Walk 2017, now in its twelfth years, establishing that the event will take place in Cunningsburgh on Sunday the 27th of August.

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