• The 99 metre offshore support vessel Larissa is continuing the survey, now north of Orkney, for the route for the proposed 60 Megawatt high-voltage direct-current subsea cable connecting Shetland to the UK electricity network, while the 70 metre survey vessel Markab has remained at the Greenhead Base.

  • A record for a Saturday of 26 scheduled passenger flights, plus two scheduled air-mail flights, came in and out Sumburgh airport.

  • The fog on Friday, with poor to very poor visibility at times, brought out the worst in driving in Shetland, with numerous reports of people driving too close to the vehicle in front in any conditions, far less those of poor visibility.

  • There is another search on Sunday for Ollie the dog. The grey, white and black Lha-sa Apso dog called Ollie was last seen in Cumliewick in Sandwick a week past Friday morning.

  • A land search for a missing person got underway at 3 AM on Saturday morning in the Nesting area, followed by an air search.

  • The Shetland Tidal Array, the world’s first grid-connected offshore tidal array, is being celebrated for it use of Scottish products.

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