• The police in Shetland are making enquiries into a couple of driving related incidents.

  • The Bank of Scotland survey of house prices in seaside towns has found that the average price of a home in Lerwick had risen by the second highest in Scotland in the last ten years.

  • The fourth of the submersible heavy lift vessels, with drill modules from South Korea for Clair Ridge, by-passed Lerwick in the end, heading directly to Clair Ridge.

  • Councillor Jonathan Wills, who is also a trustee of the Shetland Charitable Trust, has commented on the disparity between the results of the online and postal opinion polls on the future composition of the Shetland Charitable Trust.

  • With the Relay for Life raising over £127,000 so far this year, that has taken the ten year total to over £1,080,000.

  • White fish landings today were above average with 6 boats, 5 local, landing about 1600 boxes.

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