• Hilary Benn, cabinet member in the UK Labour government from 2003 to 2010, serving under the prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and then shadow cabinet member ending as shadow foreign secretary recently, has been on holiday in Shetland, during which he was a surprise guest at a Shetland Labour Party meeting.

  • A new generation of Thermolicer is in the final stages of development by Norway’s Steinsvik. The aim is to shorten treatment times, to increase capacity and to be much gentler on fish. The first Thermo-licer in Scotland has been working periodically in Shetland since July last year on board the vessel Naomi Jennifer.

  • The Anderson High School, now in its last-ever term in the old buildings at Bellview before moving to the new school in October, is enforcing digital down-time for mobile devices, mobile phones and tablets.

  • Liam McArthur, as the Scottish Liberal Democrat energy spokesperson, has urged the Scottish government to host a summit with Scotland’s local authorities, including the Shetland Islands Council and the Orkney Islands Council, to agree actions to tackle climate change.

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