• Anyone in Shetland who would like to see greater mobile coverage in Shetland, is being encouraged to respond to an invitation from the telecommunications regulator Ofcom. Ofcom is inviting views to develop the UK’s position on potential updates to radio regulations as Ofcom prepares for the next World Radiocommunication Conference of the International Telecommunication Union next year.

  • Cecil Hughson, known for his photography and lifelong involvement in Scottish dance music, is in Dundee on Sunday to receive a commendation for his contribution to dance music, including playing in local dance bands like Da Fustra.

  • Shetland North councillor Tom Morton, who hasd been ill with covid, has urged all other councillors and council staff to do the same, after he said that his council duties for the foreseeable future will be conducted remotely or in a FFP2 close fitting mask.

  • With 2022 not even half-way through, the number of covid deaths in Shetland is already greater than the total for the whole of last year and nearing the total of the whole of the year before. Coinciding with anther covid death in Shetland recorded by National Records of Scotland, there are big increases in cases of covid in Shetland as well as in Scotland, where the official figure is one in twenty.

  • The Shetland Fishermen’s Association has responded, following yesterday morning’s story on the call for action against Faroe and Norway after both decided unilaterally to set large quotas for their share in the mackerel fishery for this year.

  • The dispute is continuing on whether an official at Transport Scotland suggested that the Shetland fishing and aquaculture sectors should consider scaling back landings and production to take account of restrictions on sea transport south, to ease the pressure on the freight service.

  • Lerwick’s Sooth-End Residents Association has submitted its observations to the consultation on the former Anderson High School site, where the planned development covers mainly the Bellvue area.

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