• While local politicians appear to be welcoming the announcement that all travel between Shetland and the Scottish mainland is to resume on Monday the 26th of April, there are many locally that are against that, fearing a greater chance of covid coming in.

  • This comes as two new covid infections were recorded in the Scottish government’s figures for Shetland yesterday, just as Nicola Sturgeon announced changes to travel and to meeting-up, following a consultation of island areas on travel.

  • The Shetland Islands Council chief executive Maggie Sandison has said that the council is looking into whether the recently announced UK government Levelling Up scheme could offer funding for a replacement Fair Isle ferry.

  • Shetland Arts’ Refresh Now programme continues online and in person across Shetland.

  • White fish box landings. So far today 4 boats, 2 local, have been landing about/over 900 boxes.

  • Residents of Shetland’s most remote and non-doctor islands of Fair Isle, Fetlar and Foula are being given their second doses of covid vaccine.

  • The executive committee of the International Island Games Association has been looking into the possibility of adding new member islands to bring diversity and new strengths to the Island Games family.

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