Since November 1987, SIBC has been shown to be an effective form of advertising for increasing sales, imparting information and image building for local, regional and national advertisers. SIBC handles both local and national sales.

Radio advertising has high reach and low avoidance, offering the best outreach where brands seek to reach out and create relationships with new customers. Radio has been proven over and over again worldwide as the most cost effective medium for alerting people as well as brand and image building.

SIBC schedules spot commercials so that each has a balance of different time segments. This is to make sure that all commercials get the widest reach of listeners.

SIBC can produce a single-voice spot commercial using a library of special music and sound effects. When music is chosen for an advertiser, it remains that advertiser's music. Alternatively, SIBC can arrange, at cost, for a spot commercial to be recorded at a specialist production studio.

SIBC also welcomes any commercial produced by, or for, an advertiser and provided as a WAV file or audio CD.

For local, regional, Scottish national and UK national sales contact SIBC by telephone: 01595 695299 or the contact form.